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What is the best anti aging product for men?

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Male leaders today - the male at the helm of affairs aren't reluctant doing things that were the purview of women and gay men. Men use best anti aging products and the best skin care products for men, to enhance their masculinity. It was because of this that 4voo created the best anti aging skin care for men.

4voo Best Anti Aging Skin Care Products For Men

4Voo range of best anti aging skin care products offers four levels of best anti aging for the male: basic, essential, enhanced and extra care. The 4Voo best anti aging skin care products are designed to address various needs of the male and includes not just best skin care products for men but a specific best anti aging range.

Best Skin Care Products For Men

4Voo best anti aging skin care products for the male include cleansers, scrubs, shaving creams, after-shave balms, moisturisers and other best anti aging products. To read more about 4voo products check out Mencarestore

The 4Voo UBER TECH line of products is the best anti aging skin care for men. The best skin care products for men include a Super Restoring Night Formula, anUnder-Eye Super-Firm Complex and an Instant Lift Serum
4voo uber tech

The Man Behind 4voo And Best Anti Aging Products For Men

There is one man behind the best anti aging skin care products and the vision that is 4voo: Marek Hewryk. He is descended from European aristocracy, born to a chemist father and a biologist mother, who were educated at premier, historic European schools. Marek studied medicine, travelled to North- America and applied his knowledge of chemistry to create the best anti aging skin care products for the male. His name has now become synonymous with luxury, indulgence, 4voo and best skin care products for men. 

The Reception Of 4voo Best Anti Aging Range

The 4voo best skin care products for men have had a wonderful reception among celebrities including designer Stefano Gabbana, NYC-based designer Asher Levine, VJ Rick Campanelli, photographer Gilberto Prioste, entrepreneur Darren Royea, international model Jason Chow and others. They vouch for the effectiveness of the best anti aging products for male.

The 'distinct men' that have used the 4Voo products for men, unanimously agree that they've seen great improvement in their skin with the best anti aging skin care products. They found the products to be far superior to the best anti aging products for men available today.

The 4voo best anti aging product line received excellent press in publications and magazines for male readers, like GQ Style, Revolution, In Style Men, Gracia, Collection, Smart Money, Robb Report, Hi Class since 2009. They term the range as the best skin care products for men.

Marek Hewryk's revolutionary best skin care products for men have many male takers and have taken on celebrity status among the discerning male. The best anti aging skin care for male products are expected to give men a new confidence. The best skin care products for men help men look and feel good.
Look better, feel better! 
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donderdag 22 mei 2014

Male make up? by MENCARE

Makeup for Men?
22/05/2014 09:25

Makeup for Men?

Today, more and more men are discovering the enhancing quality of facial makeup. More men again would love to try wearing guyliner and manscara, but are less than certain of their powers to use them effectively. Concealer for men and foundation for men have skincare as well as cosmetic function. The following makeup tips and information is written for men while at work, going to a party, doing modeling work and when looking for love.

Concealer for men

During the course of a busy day, the successful man wants to exude confidence while not worrying too much over his appearance. One useful item of makeup is the concealer stick, a product that covers dark marks underneath the eyes, blemishes on the skin and even tattoos. Concealer for men is made in a range of tones, from light to dark, and can be worn on its own or underneath foundation. The use of concealer for men provides a good beginning for discovering the power of makeup.

Foundation for men

Nothing enhances collar-and-tie chic more than a well-bronzed skin. However, lying in the sun is time-consuming and a no-no for the man who is intent on climbing the career ladder. Also, long-term exposure to the sun can dry out and prematurely age the skin. The beauty of foundation for men is that it can be used on the body as well as the face. A good foundation for men will also nourish and condition the skin. Some men like to use shine reduction powder, which absorbs excess facial oils and perspiration.

Manscara and guyliner

Male mascara or manscara, also called styling glaze, is a product that lengthens and thickens the brows and the lashes. There are numerous testimonials from delighted men about the power of manscara to open up and enhance the eyes. For even greater eye-power, the discerning male uses eyeliner or guyliner, a fine, cosmetic pencil to define the shape of the eye. This product usually comes complete with a smudging brush. Simply hold the eyelid taut while drawing a fine line as close as possible to the lash growth. For a really smoochy eye look, smudge the line with the pencil. Dot the pencil along the lower lash line, and then smudge with the brush.

Full lips and polished nails

To complete the well-groomed look, the discerning male delivers a dose of maximizing serum to his lips, to go with the guyliner and foundation for men. Unlike lipstick, these products are not coloured. Instead, they contain an ingredient that smoothens and plumps the lips to give an attractive, full and sensuous look. For the final touch, the male avails of a nail grooming kit to shape and buff his nails, enabling him to show good hands at business meetings and on important dates. Overall, guyliner and manscara, foundations and concealer for men are but a few of the growing range of male makeup products.


The discussion whether men should wear makeup or not will continue for some time. Recent research in England showed that about 10% off the men there already use makeup. We think it’s and individual choice. Why shouldn’t men use products to look better? Women and other men look at our appearance, nails, lips, hands, face and judge us from it. People who look good have many advantages in daily life.   

Male cosmetics are a very wide understanding, its eyeliner for men but also concealer for men who have skin problems. Whether you want to use male makeup is up to you and shouldn’t be judged by society, because it is society who judges us on appearance.

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Mencare store www.mencarestore.com LIVE!


After weeks and weeks of work, our website is live and we are very proud of the result. We would love to get feedback from you! We will always be adding products to our site and aim to make it better all the time. Please tell us if you like our brands like: 4VOO and VITAMAN. Any suggestions for new product or brands that are missing are very welcome too! 
Look better, feel better!
We sell all sorts of male skin and hair care products to make the modern man feel better. We attack all sorts off skin problems with our products like: aging, wrinkles, acne, zips, dark circles, eye bags, grey skin and all other sorts off male skin problems. Our products are manually selected and are the best available in the market. Hollywood stars and celebrities heavily use brands like 4VOO! But its available for you now too!
We will be adding cool male gadgets and other cool stuff too soon like our wooden sunglasses and wooden watches which are already in store. If you have any suggestions for cool stuff you have seen that is made for men, please let us know!

info@mencarestore.com for all your questions and remarks and feedback 
Happy shopping!!
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